Have you ever been in a tough spot deciding what kind of work would suit you best? We have some tips to help you decide.

Many professionals feel they’re stuck in the wrong job and they can get very frustrated because of this. Failure of the job to match to their skills, their methods of working and the end results achieved all contribute to this feeling of inadequacy. A lot of time and energy goes into finding a job. If that’s the case don’t you think your job should be one that motivates you and helps you make an impact at your workplace?

Keep these pointers in mind while deciding what kind of job would suit you

Evaluate and analyse your skills – Take a close look at your skills, both the ones you’ve learnt at work and the ones you’ve acquired outside of your job. Are there certain standout skills you’re proud of? Are you good at certain things and would you like to incorporate those skills at your job? Keep track of all your skills and sort out evidence of your learning, skill development and other activities.

Focus on the job responsibilities, not just the title – While seeking opportunities ask for roles that involve your skills. Ask if the job requires knowledge in such-and-such area and experience in a certain work method. Don’t respond just to titles or job roles but delve into whether your skills and experience will be put to use.

Make a list of your personal job criteria – Would you like your ideal job to have certain ingredients? Think about them and list them out. Some of the factors to consider are – the kind of people you like working with, the work ethic of the company, what sort of results you want to achieve as well as what areas of work you are interested in, what products or services. When you’re considering a job role see that at least 6 of the 10 criteria are fulfilled.

Research, research, research! – Don’t rely just on what people say or a general opinion about a sector. Find out for yourself before you begin your job search. If you know what job ideas appeal to you, ask people who directly work the same role. If you want an offer in the same role you need first-hand information of what it’s like and what it takes to get there.

Present yourself well – Know what your employer wants and strive to give him that. What we mean is get to know some background information about the company and the role you are being considered for. Be clear and concise about who you are, where you fit in and how you can contribute to the company. Your know-how and skills need to be highlighted and summarised in a simple yet catchy manner.

If you want to do something fulfilling but aren’t sure what it might be yet, first take the time to evaluate yourself, your skills and what you want in a job. This will surely make things a lot simpler and help you pick a job that suits you best!


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