If you are a career-minded professional or a business person you know how important networking is on a day to day basis. Networking is also a great way to get to know about job or business expansion opportunities. However, networking does not come naturally to all and if you are one of them here are some tips that will help you master the art of networking.

  • The Internet: The internet is the place to be when it comes to networking.  With millions of online forums and industry-specific discussions the internet is swarming with plenty of opportunities for you to meet and connect with like-minded people. Having a blog, a business page on Facebook / Twitter or even having a website lets people know what you do or are looking for. Also with the introduction of engagement tools in social media, it helps people you know to share your content with the people they know thus making your network group bigger.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is your new age business card or also your CV that is always online. With a perfectly optimized profile and the right connections you can go a long way in your career with the help of this online platform. LinkedIn gives you a great opportunity to connect and have meaningful discussions with successful and hardworking leaders.
  • Personal presence: This old school way of networking is probably one of the best ways of networking. With the coming of the digital age making actual human contact is vanishing. Going for events, trade shows, conferences helps you network in person. Try taking out time and meeting up with friends or former colleagues or even people from your LinkedIn connections. A quick meeting over a cup of coffee could end up with some much-needed career advice.
  • Keep in contact: Regardless if you need anything or not keeping in touch with your network on a regular basis is the best way to go. Doing this will ensure that when you do need help your connections will go all out to help you and not think that you are using them.
  • Help others: Networking is not only about you, so help out anyone in you network that needs help or advice. You never know when someone you once helped out can suddenly be the person that you need help from.
  • Alumni: Keeping in touch with your classmates is a very important part of basic networking. Be informed about the alumni event that are being held and go for them. You never know which old classmate of your can suddenly be your next business partner.

We as humans deeply rely on relationships and connection with other humans to grow as humans on day to day basis. In the same way having an effective networking habit builds your professional career and takes you to new heights. So take out time and keep in touch.


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