Skype Job Interview Made Easy


Keeping in touch with family and friends became so much easier with the introduction of Skype in the internet world. It did not take much time before employers found it to be a very convenient tool when it came to the hiring process. Skype interviews helped companies and organizations interview candidates while saving both time and money. You may be sitting at home for the interview for your next big break but this is not something that you should take lightly, a Skype interview is as important as a real one. Below are a few points that are sure to get you all set for your next Skype interview.

  • The setup: Setting up and testing Skype well before time is very important. Set up your camera so that your face is in the center of the frame. Having a good headset adds to your advantage, it’s always better to have your voice come clear to the interviewer rather than them getting confused with echoes or buzzing noises. Also if you wear glasses try and change the angle of your monitor so there is minimum reflection of your monitor screen on your glasses. If you can do without your glasses for the interview there is nothing like it.
  • Your environment: How your surrounding is and looks it also has a vital role during your Skype Interview. It’s true that you are not making a music video or shooting a movie but having the correct lighting is very necessary. Adjust the cameras and switch on all the lights and open the window shades if needed but make sure your room is well lit. If you have kids or pets at home, have someone take care of them during the course of your interview also turn off your landline and cell phone. These steps are important to ensure that you are not disturbed during your interview.
  • Appearance: First impression plays a key part when it comes to a job interview. Put on the same clothes that you would normally wear for an in-person interview. Also avoid only dressing up only to your waist, it would ruin your impression if you had to stand up for any reason during your call.
  • Prepare yourself: Practice makes perfection, have some test calls with your friends to help you get comfortable talking into a camera while maintaining your confidence and calmness. Keep in mind to make eye contact with the interviewer also nod during the conversation interviewers can see you are also on the same page.

Once the interview is over always send the interviewers a thank you note, it not only is a good gesture it also makes a lot of difference to the whole process.  Keeping these things mind will surely help you have a great and stress free Skype interview.


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