Five Tips to Help You Use Negative Feedback for the Better


Positive feedback is something that we all look forward too; it’s the negative feedback we have problems with. As humans we always tend to take negative feedback personally and that in turn affects us badly without us even knowing. Feedback is a very necessary part of everyone’s life and learning from those feedbacks and using it to make you better is important.  Here are five tips that will help you use negative feedback to better yourself rather than letting it get to you.

  1. Don’t take it personally: Sometimes feedback can be really harsh and brutal and can hurt you really badly but it is important that you understand the intention of the person that is offering to provide you with the criticism. Avoid taking negative feedback as a personal attack as the person providing it is not trying to make you feel bad, instead wants to see you succeed.
  2. No one is perfect: In our own mind we all want that every one of our ideas and projects are applauded and congratulated however that not possible. Every professional has sometime or the receiving end of a negative feedback.  The most important thing to keep in mind is that no one is perfect and we all need to work on the feedback that is provided to make us better professionals.
  3. What’s being said: It is very natural that questions pop into your head while you are at the receiving end of a feedback however you need to block that out and focus on the content of the feedback. The moment you understand the core point of the feedback, other things like why is he being so hard on me? Why in front of my colleagues? And countless other questions won’t bother you.
  4. Be a part of your feedback: Don’t sit and nod away while you are receiving feedback, question the person and ask for clarification; that is the only way you can help better yourself. Being a part of your feedback will help you understand what the person intended to tell you so you can better yourself as a professional.
  5. Learn from your feedback: No one likes to keep on receiving the same feedback over and over again, it’s very important that you learn and start applying it to your work instantly. This will not only help you with your current project but all the other projects you handle in the future.

It’s true that no one likes to hear negative feedback but sometimes that is what you need to give you that extra push to better yourself. Always remember don’t let negative feedback pull you down and ruin your self-confidence instead turn it into a fuel for your growth.


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