Enjobs: Breaking the Boundaries of Women Entrepreneurship


It is no secret that women are slowly taking matters into their own hands when it comes to leading the way to success. Successful career women these days refuse to forfeit well-paying jobs because of increasing domestic responsibilities. So, to combat rules that do not allow balance and flexibility, women entrepreneurs are creating jobs for themselves. This is an increasingly growing trend, a step towards the positive and definitely a welcome approach in the way consultancies, agencies and solutions-driven industries are functioning.

The Enjobs story…

Enjobs comprises a team of women living in a digital age who refuse to sacrifice one area of their lives for another. Our home-based consultancy firm is a call to all women to pursue their dreams of being financially independent while juggling domestic responsibilities, tending to health concerns, working multiple jobs to pay the bills and the list just goes on. Beyond creating an entirely new avenue and definition of the working woman, Enjobs specializes in talent based entrepreneurship.

Over the last eight years our focus is on training and development for women while tapping into the potential and latent talent, giving them a means of sustenance and freedom in the corporate field. It is through hard work and diligence that we have managed to retain some of our biggest clients including Accenture, Cairn, Beam, VML and many more.

Driving towards success without boundaries AND on our own terms

With 8 women on our panel Enjobs has grown immensely. Essentially being a recruitment consultancy firm, we focus on hiring middle and senior level management professionals for our pre-eminent clients. Professional standards and work culture has not been compromised in the least. In fact, we have been able to develop more than just financial stability. While broadening horizons of women and stepping out into the corporate field, our sense of identity and belonging has evolved, charging us with a drive towards success without boundaries.

Obviously, a major contributing factor to our success is the benefit of living in an age of technology that has dissolved all possible hindrances to development in the fields of entrepreneurship and business. The fluidity of working from home also allows the pursuit of other passions; it adds mobility to our business relationships, giving us a chance to correspond and achieve the highest level of efficiency with our clients.

Enjobs has tapped into the potential of women at so many levels including housewives, new mothers, students, and those who are physically challenged. We provide them with an opportunity to feel empowered and capable in a world that is constantly trying to restrict their movement. An endeavor, such as this, does more than just benefit women. Society at large reaps the harvest as new ideas, riding on the backs of dependable individuals, are put into action.

With the popularity of the internet and an increased development of telecommunications, we are in the pursuit of breaking down corporate barriers. Using our key skills like leadership, team work, and most importantly an enterprising spirit, Enjobs delivers the highest quality results without compromising on efficiency and expertise.

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